The best means of transportation for our bodies and our world are human powered.


Stand up paddleboarding originated as an ancient method of transportation; a way for people to get from point A to point B. So while the modern sport is incredibly versatile, combining everything from paddle surfing swells to navigating river rapids, one of the most intuitive and popular ways to practice it is by cruising across a bay, down a river, or around a lake.

As an island nation, Japan is the perfect place to practice SUP. While it ranks only number 62 in the world based on land area, it is number seven in terms of the length of its coastline. It is also home to numerous picturesque lakes and rivers.

If you already feel comfortable paddling and maneuvering a SUP board, cruising is a great way to spend some time seeing the beauty of nature while honing your skills and getting in a great full-body workout. Feel the ocean breeze on your face, hear the water lighting lapping at your board, and watch the fish jump around you as you paddle around bays and islands.



  • Swimsuit or quick drying clothing (we can lend you a wetsuit if the water is cold)
  • Dry change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Water or something else hydrating to drink
  • Sandals that can get wet
  • Hat that can get wet
  • Sunscreen